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Finding the Madison Hair Replacement Expert

Male and female pattern hair loss represents the clinical endpoints of two processes that may share some pathways, but which are clearly different entities. The current state of knowledge about the pathogenesis of these conditions can at best be considered incomplete, as there are no current theories that can adequately explain the variation in presentation of these conditions, nor the lack of consistent clinical response of many patients to the available therapeutic modalities. It is difficult to understand the hair loss process if the normal state of hair growth is also poorly understood. The specific factors that determine the rate of hair growth, the timing of anagen, telogen and catagen as well as the unique programming of specialized hairs, including eyebrows and eyelashes, are in the earliest stages of identification. A better understanding of the receptors or processes that govern these functions will not only clarify the mechanisms of the disease processes, but will give rise to novel and perhaps more effective Madison hair replacement therapies.

The development of new pharmacologic remedies for hair loss has been made possible through advances in the understanding of pattern hair loss on a pathophysiologic level. It is important for practitioners of diverse specialties to understand the causes and treatments of hair loss and subsequently educate the affected population regarding how to best decide on an appropriate treatment plan. Conventional reporting methods significantly underestimate the true incidence of pattern hair loss, which is problematic in that medical management should emphasize prevention of further loss at the earliest stages. Underestimating the prevalence can negatively impact the allocation of resources devoted to the diagnosis and management of the condition.

The terminology used to describe pattern hair loss in men and women has been inconsistent. Although androgenic alopecia (AGA) is an appropriate term for use in men, in whom sufficient data exist to identify the combined elements of androgens and genetic susceptibility to produce predictable patterns of hair loss, this term is no longer appropriate for women, in whom other pathways are likely to predominate. In this chapter the terms male pattern hair loss (MPHL) and female pattern hair loss (FPHL) will be used to represent the respective patterns of hair loss that occur in each sex that are not related to other causes of hair loss. It is important to find the best Madison hair replacement doctor to get the best treatment. Internet is one of the best places to get more information on hair loss treatment.

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