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Greenhouses: Which one is best for you?

The greenhouse trend has provided numerous benefits for gardening enthusiasts from its practicality to the possibility of extended harvests. From the small enclosure designed for the backyard to larger structures for crops, there are many types of greenhouses that may be built depending on the purpose for its use. Before initiating such a project, it is important to take the time to plan and research designs that are best suited to development needs.

There are a number of cost effective options that are available that can also be implemented more efficiently. Numerous factors should be taken into consideration including the amount of space available, landscape and budget. It is essential that the correct conditions are sought and implemented depending on the type of vegetation that you wish to grow.

More people are interested in the benefits greenhouses can provide including extended growing seasons, year round crops, cost effectiveness and protection from disease, insects as well as birds. The structure will need to be positioned so that it receives the maximum amount of sunlight and therefore location is important. Consider the seasonal changes and the decrease in light intensity with the onset of winter.

The attached greenhouse is most common for residencies and can be built to half size, full size or a simple extension each providing its own set of pros and cons. Where a small area and budget are available, the lean to may be best where the ridge is secured to the side of the house. Although space will be limited it is most affordable and accessible.

If you wish to maximize the amount of space while attaching to a structure such as a garage, the even span is most popular. This greenhouse design can be expensive; however, it allows for ongoing extension proving most advantageous in crop production. This shape is considered best for the even distribution of temperature particularly during the winter season.

The window mounted house or glass enclosure is by far the most aesthetic and may also be attached to the side of the home. It is certainly a convenient option and allows one to grow vegetation at a more affordable rate in comparison to the other designs. The freestanding structures are not attached to the side of a building and provides the most light, but requires its own electricity and heating systems.

Regardless of the type of structure that is developed, one needs to consider available space, storage and the possibility for future expansions. The larger the building, the easier it will be to maintain the temperatures in comparison to a smaller greenhouse. The greatest value may be calculated according to the cost and crop production ratios.

There are specific materials that should be incorporated such as frames of aluminum, steel and treated wood to ensure longevity and the ability to withstand the elements. When constructing your own structure, take the time to assess the types of greenhouses and which are most suitable for the location. Consider the best materials to use in the creation of your own garden assembly.

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