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Latest Dental Filling Material in Dentistry Protects Cavities from Germs

Dental Hospital Hyderabad – Famous for Composite Dental Filling

Improper teeth care can cause the acute need for the tooth restoration to avoid the permanent loss of teeth either by the infections or internal tooth decay or external injury. Almost every individual faces up with the basic requirement of tooth care as they advance in life. Cavities are the main source of breeding for bacterial infections and food stuffs get stuck in the minute gaps formed for quite a lot of reasons. When patients do not pay adequate attention in caring of cavities then the real need for repairing teeth will be required.

Dental Hospital Hyderabad – Advanced Dental Techniques

The most commonly sought dental filling material was mercury that has been employed to protect the teeth from the entry of the bacteria. Mercury is spread over the teeth so that the germs are prevented to get in contact with the root and other sensitive portions. Now, these days, dental science has advanced and composite dental fillings have replaced the traditional methods. The composite sits on the teeth and functions as a cement. However, tooth care is one of the leading dental hospital Hyderabad that employs the advanced techniques to seal the teeth from any further decay or problem.

Dental Filling Material – Tooth Colored Restorations

There are certain reservations about the mercury fillings. No doubt, they are the primitive dental methods of restoring the teeth, the patient will face many side effects. For that, the tooth structure will weaken over a period of time. But fortunately, many new techniques have given opportunities to the patients to protect and restore aesthetic, tooth coloured restorations are very strong that makes use of tooth bonding technologies. The best way to restore an infected teeth are to remove the decay by cleaning up the affected teeth and fix a suitable oral material. The composition used in filling the affected tooth does include Glass Ionomer (GIC), Composite resin, which is tooth coloured fillings, and Amalgam.

Composite Dental Fillings – GIC the Latest Techniques

A Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) is based on the reaction of silicate glass powder and polyalkenoic acid. When GIC is administered into dental tissues then you will find the release of fluoride for a very long time, and the material is used in the restoration of carious lesions . The clinical diagnosis say that glass ionomer restorations do not work better on the primary molars and all this due to occlusal stress loads. The product is however used by elderly patients, medically compromised for filling in teeth, and acts like a Latin or a basing material, temporary to intermediate term restorations.

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