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Latest Cost Cuts in Child Care Cases

The Child Care Act of 2006 and its amendments outline the powers as well as duties of governmental units i.e. local authorities, in safeguarding the welfare of a child in relation to providing adequate information, parent/s, regulation, inspection, etc. You have to realize that childcare is a big thing! There are certain laws you need to comply with, otherwise you will be warned, fined, penalized, etc.

Case in point is the situation of two consenting neighbors who are the best of friends. They took turns babysitting for the child of the other. The arrangement worked because both parents worked different shifts. The problem was a well meaning neighbor reported the same to officials. And it was found out that both of them did not have the proper license as child minders. Both parents were let off with a stern warning to “terminate the illegal relationship”.

The question is, what happens if it goes to court? Or what if you want to pursue a similar matter in court? The answer is simple, you need to get an advocate, preferably a costs lawyer or cost draftsmen

Define a Costs Lawyer or Costs Draftsmen
Both terms can be used interchangeably and refers to a licensed advocate who specializes in determining with a reasonable amount of certainty the total cost of litigation in case of a win or a loss.

Important Points to Consider
You need to understand that negative feedback as well as media frenzy has resulted in cut backs in child care cases. This includes but is not limited to:

• Summer child care costs
• Holiday child care costs
• Nursery care costs
• Annual child care costs

The problem is the decrease is more often than not signified by the incapacity of the parents to meet the cost of child care as mandated by law and executed by local authorities. As such the result is an increase in lawsuits filed against erring parents. This means costs lawyer or cost draftsmen are in demand. And since you need to be recognized by the ACL to be considered one and appear as such these lawyers can command higher pay.

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