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The Land Hermit Crabs are the Best Pet

The hermit crabs are the most exotic pet that anyone can ever think of. These are the trendiest creatures that people of today are inclined to. There are a number of species of the hermit crabs but the land hermit crabs are the most popular ones to be used as pets.

These are named like this because though they are born in the sea but they move to the shore to get their home. The hermit crabs are very interesting in nature. The land hermit crabs are mainly the Seashells and these do not have the natural shell when they are born. They are born with the exoskeletons and the soft abdomens. This is the main reason why these crabs are always in search of a harder protective shell that can hide them from the marauders. Many people can stay confused if these are tough to keep but these are the easier to keep as pets because they require very little care.

These types of crabs have gills so that they can breathe the humid air and moreover they also extort the oxygen from the water that is present in the humidity. It may so happen that these hermit crabs live for almost more than 25 years but there are chances that it lives just few years. These crabs look more like the lobsters than any other creature. If you need to know about the food habits of these hermit crabs you can be sure of the fact that these land hermit crabs eat almost all the foods that are edible in nature. They love to eat the oak leaves, tree bark along with the other foods like meats, vegetables, fish and many more that we take every day. The basic nutrients that they need are the calcium, carotene.

These are quite interesting as pet because the unique features magnetize the pet lovers towards it. The favorite pastime of the hermit crabs is climbing. It is always advisable to buy the healthy crabs from the reputed sores so that you do not need to pay much after these. The character of the hermit crabs are unlike the name, therefore if the crabs are staying lazy then you must pay a visit to the doctor. You can call the crabs nocturnal because these become more active at night. The most attention grabbing aspect of these crabs is each of them is different from the other and will have different behaviors and personality. Normally these hermit crabs are extremely social in nature but if they are not taken proper care in the shops then they might feel bashful and hesitant to come out of the shell.

The astounding feature of these crabs is they return to the ocean in the breeding time because the salty nature of the sea water plays a considerable role in the hatching of the eggs. You can always buy them online for there is ample websites advertising for the sale of the crabs along with the variety of accessories at the most affordable price range.

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