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Court Protection Cases Escalating in UK Courts

The number of individuals applying for Court of Protection in the UK is undeniably increasing. Most of these individuals are relatives of people who are having struggles to manage the latter’s affairs because they are no longer capable either physically or mentally or both. Another reason why the former seek lawyers with law cost draftsmen is because of personal doubts if they are still capable to cope with the individuals involved.

If the person involved is no longer mentally capable and is not registered for a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) under the Office of the Public Guardian, the only option of the relative who is taking care of him is to look for an attorney with the best law cost draftsman.

The chosen person who can offer the relative law costs for the lawyer’s services including making decisions in behalf of the person with mental incapacity. The legal attorney is given authority especially when the relative needs to access personal bank accounts and bills.

Aside from bank accounts and bills, these lawyers with law cost draftsmen are also endowed with statutory power to make decisions about the mentally incapacitated person’s other properties as well as the healthcare of the relative who does not have any mental inability and is currently taking care of the person with mental incapacity. These lawyers can also decide whether another relative is capable to make decisions for the person with the problem.

The relative who is in charge must be well aware of the law costs involved when searching for lawyers and when applying for Court of Protection. He should be fully conscious that doing any of the two courses of action mentioned above is not cheap. The usual law costs in court of protection application starts at about £1,000 and sometimes can be more expensive.

Another issue when applying for Court of Protection is the time period that it usually takes to be registered. Some applications can take a few months to be approved. Therefore, the person in charge must apply as early as possible.

Finally, the relative must seek trustworthy attorneys with reliable and responsible law cost draftsmen to be given the authority to look after important affairs and properties. He can opt for another relative or a friend to do the job and the chosen lawyer’s draftsman will surely give him reasonable law costs for his services.

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