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Swimming Pool Filters at its Finest and Most Convenient

Owning a swimming pool has its own responsibilities too. If you want to prolong the life of your pool and keep the swimming pool users protected, you need to install pool filters. Hayward, a leading pool filter brand, produces numerous types of Hayward pool filters to suit your cleaning requirements. There are Hayward sand filters and Hayward cartridge filters of varying specifications and capacities for you public or private pools.

Besides its very-reliable Hayward Star-Clear cartridge filters, one particularly excellent Hayward pool filter is the Hayward Pro-Series sand filter. It is a pool filter you should research about because it offers superior cleaning ability. Though not necessarily the cheapest sand pool filter design in the market, its better reliability for many years more than makes up the higher initial investment. There are different capacities available from S210S giving a flow rate of 167 LPM to S310S offering a flow rate of 371 LPM. There are also side-mount and top-mount designs to fit your pool better.

With the Pro-Series design of Hayward pool filters, the filtering specification is up to 40 microns of diameter ensuring clean water for swimming no matter how frequently used your pool is. The next time you accidentally taste or even swallow a little of your pool water, you know you will be safe. In fact, sand filters are the best recommended type of filters for frequently-used pools because its components aren’t frequently changed unlike diatomaceous earth and cartridge filters. You just need to implement a good backwashing routine to ensure the filter stays efficient. Nevertheless, the Pro-Series also works well for private-pools and keeps it clean excellently. Just purchase High Rate silica or Zeobrite sand to make sure the sand filter works best.

The Pro-Series design employs an ovoid-shaped diffuser to help distribute water for increased area of sand filtration. This means the machine becomes more efficient at removing small debris. Hayward filters are designed with a multilateral underdrain assembly to give totally balanced outflow. Because of this 360-degree rotary self-cleaning lateral assembly, backwashing becomes easier, while all debris that has accumulated is removed efficiently. The filter’s full-size piping ensures smooth top performance. Its materials are also corrosion-resistant to make sure it works well independent of what the season throws at you.

The important feature that should seal the deal for you is the ergonomic engineering, which makes installation easy. Even if you transition from a top-mount to a side-mount or vice versa, you are going to be guided on the steps to take. The components are easily assembled, while the maintenance is straightforward. The Pro-series features a 6-position Vari-Flo Control Valve to select different filtering and backwashing settings. The filter also has a sight glass to assure you that everything is going well inside.

Make sure your swimming pool is at its cleanest with Hayward swimming pool filters like the Hayward Pro-Series sand filters, which offers superior balanced cleaning technology to meet your cleaning needs. Visit the website today!

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