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How To Get Rid Of Warts At Home - Effective Treatments For Wart Removal

The tiny bumps and lumps that appear on the face, hands, feet and even genital areas are indeed problematic. They are unappealing to say the least. But what is even more disturbing is that warts can also be highly contagious. It can be passed on easily from one individual to another or from one body part to the next. This is why individuals are desperate to find ways on how to get rid of warts.

There are numerous methods on how to get rid of warts effectively. It can be done through over the counter drugs and home remedies. However, such methods may prove to be ineffective in eliminating some of the larger warts. But there are surgical methods for warts removal too. Depending on your preference and the procedure's effectiveness, you can always choose any of these methods to successfully get rid of warts.

Surgical Methods To Get Rid Of Warts
A surgical procedure can be performed in order to eliminate warts. One way is through a process called cryosurgery. In this procedure, the wart is frozen with the use of liquid nitrogen.

When the warts are frozen, the infected tissue is destroyed. To relieve pain, the doctor would utilize a Lidocaine injection which is meant to numb the area being treated. This means that the procedure cannot be done in a single visit. To completely eliminate the warts, multiple visits are recommended.

Another way is through a procedure called electrocautery. This uses the application of high frequency electric current directly to the warts. This means that the procedure can be painful. In a surgical excision on the other hand, cuts the wart off. To spare the patient from pain, Lidocaine is used on the specific area where the warts are being removed from.
Can Creams And Injections Help?
For warts that are quite difficult to get rid of, Bleomycin may be used combined with Cimetidine and Tretinoin. A small amount of this combination may be injected to the warts itself for effective removal. Miquimod is another effective drug for warts. It can be used for the treatment of genital, plantar and flat warts.

Miquimod is a cream based product that can be applied to the area for one to three days. This cream encourages an immune system response that reacts against the virus that causes the appearance of the warts. When this happens, skin redness may occur.

There are also Cantharidin treatments. This method uses a chemical that is obtained from blister beetles. The formula is diluted and used for warts application. Upon application of the chemical, a bandage is used to secure the medication over the warts. The bandage can be removed after a 24 hour period.

The Drawbacks Of Surgery For Warts Removal
While these surgical procedures on how to get rid of warts can be effective, there are some downsides to such methods too. For one, the procedure can be quite expensive. Pain is also inevitable although the use of Lidocaine is available. Scarring is also common which can be problematic after the successful removal of warts.
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