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How To Get Rid Of Genital Warts - Effective Ways To Eliminate Genital Warts

Some people may think it is impossible for them to get warts unless they have had close encounters with a toad. But this is just another misconception. Warts are actually one of the most common skin problems that are caused by a virus which are present in an organism. The most common kind of warts typically appears on the face, hands and feet. But there are also those kinds that appear on sensitive parts of the body particularly in the genitals.

Genital warts are most likely a result of viral and sexually transmitted diseases. They would look like soft lumps that appear around the genital area. They are caused by what is called a human papilloma virus that have around seventy types in existence. And this virus is actually more common that a lot of people think. So, naturally people will be curious about possible ways how to get rid of genital warts.

Solutions for genital warts removal can come in the form of creams, ointments and surgery. With the help of these solutions as well as its proper administration and application by a doctor or nurse, these warts can be successfully eliminated. The following are sample solutions for the removal of genital warts.

Surgical Procedure For Genital Warts Removal
Cryotherapy is one of the most appropriate solutions for removing genital warts. For this type of treatment, the doctor uses liquid nitrogen on the warts. The aim is to freeze the warts off which will be responsible for the destruction of the infected tissue. Pain should be expected during the procedure but it can be relieved with the help of a Lidocaine injection.

Another wart removal procedure is called diathermy or electrocautery. With this type of procedure, the warts are literally burned. In addition to burning and freezing off the warts, they can also be surgically removed by cutting them off the skin. And to spare the patient from extreme pain, doctors would also usually administer either local or general anesthesia.

Creams Which Can Remove HPV Warts Effectively
There are various types of creams and topically applied solutions that help eliminate these warts. Imiquimod cream is just one example. Podophyllin is another chemical solution to warts. For safe use, either a doctor or nurse should handle the application.

For individuals who might be embarrassed about their condition, they can always resort to creams that are formulated safe for self application. Such can come in the form of Podofilox Cream. For successful removal, the cream should be applied continuously in a period of four weeks.

Precaution And Hygiene Are Essential
The best way is still to practice precaution and preventive measures. Maintain good hygiene and make sure you use clean underwear. Be picky when buying detergents and wash your private garments thoroughly.

Stress can only worsen the presence of virus and thereby increase the likeliness of the occurrence of these warts. In which case, it is best you get rid of do something about being stressed out. In addition, always practice safe sex. Use condoms in your sexual encounters especially those done casually. If at all, avoid engaging in casual sex.

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