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Keeping Your Feet Dry in the Rain and Still be Cool

In the world of skateboarding, one of the most important things you need to consider are the shoes that you wear on your feet. Skate-shoes, for obvious reasons, need to be comfortable, durable and able to keep your feet dry from the rain. You could have the best and most expensive skateboard in the world, but let's face it nothing makes you quite as miserable as having soaking wet feet.

Of course, you want to look cool when you're skateboarding, but it's actually far more important to think about practicality. Luckily, nowadays there are so many skate-shoes on the market that you no longer have to sacrifice one in favour of the other. Next time you decide to 'splurge' and buy yourself a new pair of skate-shoes, keep the following few tips in mind.

- Expense The mistake that many people make when buying skate-shoes is that they immediately opt for the most expensive pair that they can find, under the illusion that expense is tantamount to meaning better. Whilst it's certainly true that 'you get what you pay for', just because it's expensive doesn't mean that it's the right shoe for you. It's far more important that you do a little research before-hand based on your specific needs. Make sure you get it right first time to save yourself time and money.

- Style Nowadays there are skate shoes which are purpose-designed for different styles of skating. Skate-shoes are more likely to wear away in certain places depending on how you skate. So, if for example you're style of choice happens to be 'goofy' like skate-boarding legend Steve Caballero, than ensure that you buy shoes which are designed specifically for that style of skating. The simple fact is that the right pair of skate-shoes can actually make you a better boarder.

- Padding When picking out your next pair of skate shoes, it's vital that you pay close attention to the thickness of the sole. Any skate-shoe, regardless your skating style, needs to have a lot of padding around the heel. Skate-shoes should be able to absorb the impact of the tricks that you land, in order to protect your knees, shins and ankles. Look out for things like air pockets in the heels, because the more padding the shoes have, the better they can protect you from injury.

- Stickiness Although very simple, skate-shoes with sticky soles are an ingenious idea. A wide skate shoe with a sticky sole allows for more contact with the board and gives you that extra bit of grip; that can be the difference between landing a trick and 'coming a cropper'.

- Research Most importantly, do a little research before you buy. Familiarise yourself with the different brands and styles, if you haven't already. Skate-shoes don't come cheap, and in this day and age, who's got money to burn? So arm yourself with as much info as possible to ensure that you get it right first time.

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