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Spring Mattress Plays an Important Role in Our Modern Life

Importance of Mattress in Our Life

A good mattress will not only help you have a comfortable night's sleep, but also do a lot of good for your body. Generally speaking, the long term error sleeping position, especially the use of poor mattress will promote spine section to produce displacement, and thereby stimulating the spinal internal nerves, resulting in the organs maintained by nerve gradual lose the normal effect, the too hard custom mattress will not only oppress the body back nerve, but also harm normal blood circulation, a long time sitting will result in the pain in back and sciatic nerve. If the body is oppressed too long, it will block the blood circulation, makes the body get older more quickly, while the too soft mattress will make the body weight cannot get the balanced support and leave you the hunched sequelae.

Methods to Select a Good Mattress

Do not just look at the bed cloth suit or the price level when buying the mattresses, while we have to ensure the quality of the mattress you choose, so we have to choose a reputable brand. In order to identify whether the elasticity of the mattress is good, you can press the surface with knee, or sit down at the edge of the bed, a flexible good mattress will immediately restitute under the pressure. When you buy a mattress, the touch of the hand is not sufficient to identify the quality of mattress, and the most reliable identification method is to lie down or flip, there is absolutely no uneven subsidence or lining at the edge of good coil spring mattress. When you try to sleep on the mattress, a good mattress can make your spine hold at the stretching of the natural fit, complete fit with your shoulders, waist, hip, without leaving the slightest gap.

Tips to Maintain the Spring Mattress

First, the regular flip. During the first year of the new purchased mattress, overturn it every 2-3 months to make it bear average force. Second, keep clean. We should do regular clean job on the mattress to keep the health of ourselves. Third, do not always sit on the bed edge. The four corners of the mattress are the most vulnerable, sitting or lying at the edge of the bed for a long will easily damage springs. Fourth, do not jump on the bed, in order to avoid a single point of damage by the force of the spring. Fifth, there are some air vents surround the mattresses, do not taut sheets or mattresses, in order to avoid the blocking of air vent, resulting in germs in mattresses.

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