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Something About The Artificial Leather

The Knowledge of Artificial Leather

As artificial leather is a kind of materials used commonly for the production of supplies , attracting a large number of leatherette manufacturers. As a leatherette manufacturer Leatherette Manufacturer, he should know more about the artificial leather in different varieties. The first is no fabric synthetic leather, the leather thickness is about in the range of 1.7mm which is applicable to make uppers, bags and other fabrics. It is generally one or both surface in deep color, and the shape is foam. The Leather has plump and good elastic effect, and the surface is flat, which has all kinds of imitation pattern. The opposite of leather is well-distributed, and there is resin in its inner surface slightly spray followed by ironing leather similar. As a result, from the leather surface pattern, leather body plump and elastic term, much like the two layer or layer transfer coating leather shaving leather. The second kind of superfine fiber synthetic leather is composed of two parts by coating and a layer of fabric. Actually, it is the synthetic leather in two layer structure with no cloth. The coating can be a variety of colors, and the thickness is about 200um with the same structure as no fabric synthetic leather basically. However, it is an imitation of natural leather structure. The third kind is for the fabric bodies for fabric synthetic leather, the leather looks thinner with the thickness of 680um, and its color is relatively shallow, usually pale yellow, beige, brown and so on. The leather is soft and the situation of surface migration is large. When it folded, marked wrinkling. In section, we can see the characteristics of fiber pile and dermal hair follicle-like duct-like by our naked eyes, so the appearance is like the pig leather or sheep leather.

Artificial Leather In Daily Life

Artificial leather is widely used in life, and the most prominent of which is the footwear industry .As a shoe leather supplier shoe leather supplier will adopt various kinds of artificial leather to make the production of leather shoes .At the same time shoes has been also divided a lot of kinds, including casual shoes, dress shoes, and leather shoes.

Shoe Types Introduction

Casual shoes refers to the natural leather uppers, leather or rubber, plastic, PU foam, PVC as sole, by stitching, adhesive or injection molding and its surface is soft, comfortable and fit to go out for a walk. Dress shoe is with dress collocation is in exquisite materials, workmanship and it has generous style. It is the kind of shoes called "decent", "western style".

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