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Making Your PPC Campaign a Global Hit

Localization – every PPC marketing company has given this expert advice, especially to businesses whose scope is limited to a particular geographical area. However, for those who have dreams of expanding, these localization tactics can be slow to produce conversion and can be ineffective in building international brand equity. Think global, act local – this can very well be the new mantra of a search engine marketing company. Basically, this tells businesses to frame their pay-per-click advertising campaigns with global competitiveness and presence in mind, but adjusting execution techniques based on the nuances of a geographically specific audience. Going global is not an easy feat and there are questions that you and your partner PPC marketing company need to answer before you can effectively launch an international campaign.

Know Your Destination

No traveler goes abroad unprepared. The real globe trekker does all the necessary research about his or her destination and drafts a comprehensive pre-travel checklist.

The same principles should apply when a search engine marketing company is developing a global advertising campaign. Below are just few of the pertinent information you should have on hand:

• If you need to ship your products to a particular country, is the shipping expense reasonable and won’t affect your bottom line?

• Do you have information about tax laws and other financial legalities that might affect your operations?

• Are the products you are selling even allowed in your target market? (i.e. it’s nonsense to sell winter clothing in tropical countries)

• Do you have a customer service team in place that can answer queries in the local language?

Before you delve into the marketing side of things, these are the operational prerequisites that need to be addressed.

Go Beyond Google

In the US, every business with an online presence is at the mercy of Google (and probably Yahoo being the far second in terms of search engine market share). However, this is not the same case with other countries. A PPC marketing company should know that search engines that are predominantly used in a specific country. For, example, Google is not even accessible in China and Yandex is the search engine superstar in Russia. Each of these search sites has its own PPC rules and rates so it is important to know these details.

Know the Culture

The search patterns and behaviors of people from different cultures differ from one another and in order to launch an effect ad campaign, a search engine should take these cultural nuances into consideration. For example, when searching for luxury cars, American internet users may use different keywords compared to Europeans. This will also dictate how you should craft your ads in a way that is appealing to the market’s cultural background. Needless to say, your ads should be written in the local vernacular and a professional PPC marketing company should know that direct translation using tools is not advisable. It’s best to tap into the services of someone who actually speaks the language.

If you are one of those brands who dream big and want to cross national boundaries, go ahead and follow these tips when it the time comes to develop your PPC campaign.

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