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Choosing the Right Hat for the Right Occasion

Over recent years, the hat has seen a resurgence in popularity as a fashion accessory. Both men and women are recognising that hats not only balance out the face and accentuate a person's best features, but they can also provide the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

The right hat can be both functional and stylish. More importantly however, wearing the right hat makes a statement and allows you to stand out from the crowd. Follow these few simple tips and you'll always know which hat to wear, no matter what the occasion.

1. Face Shape
The best place to start is by determining what face shape you have. There are five basic face shapes. Get yourself to the nearest mirror and decide which one you are. Are you a square, an oval, a circle, a triangle (thin at the top and wider at the bottom), or an upside down triangle?

If you have a square face, then a rounded hat that sits high on the forehead will make your cheekbones look more prominent and elongate your chin. An angular or asymmetric hat provides a flattering contrast to those with oval or circular shaped faces. If your face is of the triangular variety, then most styles of hat will suit you. However, ensure that it always sits level with the brow line, to avoid adding unnecessary length to your face.

2. Right Fit
Another thing that people often overlook when choosing a hat is the fit. Does it sit comfortably or loosely on your head? When you lean forward, does the hat stay in place? Does it press too tightly against your forehead? Just keeping these simple questions in mind can help prevent you from buying a hat too impulsively next time you go shopping.

3. Match the Occasion
Different types of occasion will largely determine the kinds of hats that you wear. But how do you go about getting the right style? Ask yourself what type of activities you can expect and decide if your hat needs to be functional, fashionable or both. Do you simply need to protect yourself from the elements or are you likely to need something a bit more formal? Luckily, nowadays, hats come in a wide variety of styles, patterns and textures, so it's incredibly easy to find a hat that is both practical and stylish, whatever you happen to be doing.
Follow these few simple tips next time you go hat shopping and you can ensure that no matter what the occasion, you get it right every time.

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