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Tips for Selecting Wet Wipes

Mehod to Select High-quality Wet Wipes
High-quality wipes have a soft and elegant scent without any pungent odor, while inferior wipes have obvious pungent odor. We should pay attention to the details of packaging product information, it is best not to buy alcohol wipes. When you purchase Baby Wet Wipes, you should figure out the ingredient statements, baby wipes have to be alcohol-free, fragrance-free, non-irritating, non-fluorescent agent. In general, the high-quality wipes are made of non-woven. In the process of usage, high-quality wipes will not fluff while inferior wipes have obvious fluff phenomenon which has a stimulating effect on the skin. The tightness of the packaging must be better without the phenomenon of breakage and leakage you had better buy the wipes with packaging seal. It should be noted that disinfectant wipes have a certain shelf life, and the sterilization ingredients will reduce after the shelf life, therefore, we should check whether the wipes is within the period of warranty. At the same time, the purchased wipes must get the permission of the health sector certification. If these conditions are met, you buy the wet tissue.

How to Identify the Wipes
Firstly, gently smell wipes on the nose side, if it is a high-quality wipe, we can smell a soft and elegant taste without any irritation. If it is a package of low-grade wipe, we will feel a pungent odor when we smell. Secondly, high-quality wipes take the high-quality raw materials, and we can see the white non-woven without impurities. While the raw materials of inferior wipes are poor, we can see obvious impurities, in the process of using, there are no obvious fluff phenomenon. Third, if the wipes are moldy with mildew, do not use this wipes. Immediately stop using the wipes, if you feel irritation itching and pain, or it will bring more damage. Fourthly, review the product endorsement carefully, and choose the products produced by regular factory with detailed site, service calls, hygiene standards, corporate standards and related health sector record number information.

The Prospects of the Wipe Market
Many companies just try to enter the wipes market, but do not promote it as a completely separate product category, at the same time, because of it has become a necessity for people like ordinary paper towel market, by limitations of the overall market sales, investment of the manufacturers and consumer awareness, there is a certain distance in the wet wipes market from the real independent market. But we must see that more and more consumers spontaneously accept the wet wipes, and more enterprises and more people are involved in this market, so the wipes market is facing a great opportunity.

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