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Not all is Lost: Making Up for Vanished Google Local Reviews

Every small business knows how positive reviews can bring store traffic or foot traffic leading to real paying customers. In cyberspace, positive reviews are hard to come by while negative reviews and abound. A reputation management company will try its best for its clients to get raves rather than rants and an SEO company will exhaust all means to displace negative feedback in search engine rankings with positive content.

As such, it comes as no surprise that many small businesses are crying “ouch!” when the positive comments they’ve worked so hard for suddenly disappears overnight in Google. Clearly, every site is at the mercy of this search engine leviathan, but this does not mean you cannot do anything about it.

Speak Your Heart Out in Forums

Local SEO expert Mike Blumenthal has established a thread found in Google and Your Business Forum which aims to cull all complaints from any SEO company or website owner for unexplained and sudden loss of reviews in Google. Mike theorizes that Google might have implemented a fresh filter or updated an existing one which cause many, authentic reviews to suddenly vanish in thin air.

As a premier contributor in the said forum and one of the respected names in local search engine optimization practice, Blumenthal is like the best friend of any reputation management company. Because of his status, he has a direct line of access to Google’s officials and they listen to him, so every SEO company is encouraged to visit the thread if it was hit with the curse of disappearing reviews.

A Couple of Reasons Why Google Decided to Delete Your Reviews

Google hates spamming and they carry the same desistance to abnormal reviews. The search engine giant does not really give specifics on what is deemed as illegitimate reviews and many business owners are claiming that their reviews were indeed real, but were still taken down by Google. Here are a couple of reasons why Google might take down your reviews:

•If they believe that an SEO agency has solicited this review and was not given by customers willingly resulting in an abnormal quantity of good customer feedback

•If a huge number of reviews is coming in at the same time. They suggest that you “legitimately ask” your customers to post their experience while they are at your store through their mobile device or immediately after they get access to the Internet

While the claims of Google above might be valid, a reputation management agency can easily argue that it is legitimately possible to get tons of positive customer feedback at specific times such as a sale, a promotion or price off, etc.

What You Can Do

Just like with other things in internet marketing, how Google filters reviews is undergoing refinements and revisions. So, in this light, what can you or your partner reputation management company can do to protect your reviews. Here are a few tips:

•Encourage your customers to post reviews as they experience your product or service.

•Diversify the channels where your reviews come from. According to an experiment from a small business owner, reviews from mobile devices tend to stand their ground and viewed by Google as more legitimate reviews.

•Once you get a raving review, document or copy it right away. If the review disappears from Google, you can always incorporate it to your site as a testimonial.

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