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Increasing the ‘Pass around Value’ of Your Content

Every search engine marketing company will rally behind the battle cry “content is king.” There’s no dispute on that, no protest. But once the “king” is on his throne, how do you make him rule? Creating good content is a crucial step in marketing, but equally important is a well thought of plan on how to promote this content.

Social media phenomenon Facebook ushered in what is now known as “frictionless sharing” which was initially greeted with not much enthusiasm, but tons of criticism. However, as processes improved and as concern over privacy and spamming got addressed, every social media marketing company saw how this ingenious content sharing paradigm will allow an article, a blog post, an image or a video reach people far and wide in no time.

Good news. Facebook never filed a patent on frictionless sharing and there’s no sign that they are going to. What does this mean? This means you can shamelessly copy Facebook’s content sharing best practices and do it better (if you can). Here are a few tips on how you can eliminate obstacles to make sure that internet users are encouraged and empowered to share your content.

Guide Internet Users to Your Content

If there’s one thing you should know about internet users, it’s that they’re impatient and they value convenience above many things. With that being said, your site’s navigability is something you should pay close attention to. If people can’t navigate your site with ease, they won’t find your content. No sharing can happen if in the first place, no content can be shared.Incorporate features such as Breadcrumbs, in-site search tooland a comprehensive and properly labeled menu.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Keep in mind that you are not the only website in the internet trying to share your content. You literally have seconds to wow your audience and grab their attention. If a search engine marketing company is running your site’s content, ask them to have a steady stream of fresh, high quality materials on your home page. The concept is as basic as this: you want your superstars as your front acts to hook and grab your target audience and persuade them to share their content in their respective web networks.

Enable No Fuss Content Sharing

Don’t expect your content to be shared if it takes several steps just to do so. Every search engine marketing company knows that the rule of thumb in content sharing is simplicity. If you can do it in one click, that would be the best scenario. Consult with a professional social media marketing company about social media plugins for the appropriate pages in your site.

Harness the Power of Trust Indicators

People share content that are already being shared. Call it riding with the trend or jumping into the bandwagon. A social media marketing company will call these social trust signals. In short, an internet user will be more likely to post content on his own social media account if there are counters present on your pages that show how many people have already posted your content.

So, while content is king, it can’t rule just sitting around on a throne or pedestal. It needs to be influential and influence is derived through sharing.

Author is an Internet marketing expert and wants to share his knowledge with people who are about to hire a social media agency New York for their business. He has also given words to many articles where one can find the latest trends popular in SEO and social media agencies.


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