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Divide and Conquer: Best Practices in Analytics Segmentation

If there’s a practice or a discipline that this saying is most applicable to today, it’s web analytics. With the sheer amount of data in terms of volume and value, not to mention the ever shifting numbers making it next to impossible to establish a really long term trend, it is very easy for SEO companies to get overwhelmed with tons of statistical information.

Web analytics simply cannot be escaped if an internet marketing agency wants to demonstrate the value they add to their clients businesses by showing empirical data with robust interpretations.

Before the panic sets in, remember the old adage above. Eat an elephant one bite at a time. This means don’t take this information as a whole. Divide the numbers into segments and it will make more sense.

Sift Through Data and Perform Logical Grouping

First, it would be a total waste of time to try and analyze and interpret data that are erroneous to begin with. So, when presented with a huge volume of statistical information, sift through the values first and identify those that are incorrect. Next, don’t be confined with the usual lists (i.e. best performing keywords, top 10 PPC ads, etc.) as these don’t really vary that much. Before even segmenting SEO companies should apply logical grouping.

Identify Your Site Visitors

Humanitarians are working towards a world without labels, but as an Internet marketing agency, you need to categorize your site visitors in order to make sense of web analytics data. Different groups of people will behave differently on your site and not pinpointing these groups will create misinterpretation.

For example, you might jump up and down when you see that your conversion rates have increased steadily over the past few months, but when you drill deeper, you find out that the people who are actually purchasing are your employees or your relatives. By the numbers alone, you may have a successful conversion optimization campaign, but upon analyzing, you have nothing more than an internal groupie.

Know Where They Are Coming From

Equally as important as identifying who your site visitors are, it’s also important to determine where they came from. It is through search engines? PPC ads? Links from affiliates? Social media? It’s important to distinguish paid traffic apart from organic traffic, earned social media from owned social media and organic inbound links from links found in other web properties your business owns. This way, you will be able to identify opportunities and areas of improvement.

These are just three of web analytics segmentation tips SEO companies can implement to make a more coherent and impacting data interpretation.


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