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A One-Two Internet Marketing Combo: Social Media and Email Marketing

According to research, email marketing has one of the highest ROI in terms of lead generation and conversion across all forms of internet marketing. On the other hand, social media marketing agencies will tell you convincing facts that are pretty difficult to ignore.

For businesses with a limited marketing budget and limited time to manage, it’s an either-or scenario. So what gives? Social media marketing or email marketing?

The answer: nothing. The secret is seamless integration to avoid bloated marketing costs while enjoying the best of both worlds.

Take Advantage of Automation

When it comes to allocating time, make sure that you explore all automation platforms, especially when it comes to internet marketing. You will be surprised how many software are available out there to send out emails which will definitely save you time and energy. These tools will cull email addresses and send them out simultaneously in record speed. Now, all you need to ponder about is the content of your email, which is actually the most important part.

Social Media Provide Content Ideas

This is where you can ask a social media marketing firm to be more hard working. Aside from posting updates, sharing content and interacting with your “fans” and “followers”, you can also take advantage of social media to give you insights on what content you should put on your email that would generate a great response. For example, if you sell baked goods online and you’re seeing that your online community is raving about your French macaroons, then maybe you can create an email sequence that talks about them (a brief history of macaroons, how they evolved, the secret to great macaroons, etc.).

Emails Should Link Back to Your Social Media Profiles

Your email marketing materials should lead back to your social network properties to show that there is indeed a conversation going on that particular topic. Further, you should highlight that you are constantly posting updates and other content in these social websites. Provide widgets within your emails for utmost accessibility.

Providing an Accessible Form for Newsletters

To be perfectly candid, one internet user receives tons of newsletters in his inbox. Social media marketing companies have the capacity to develop “hooks” by integrating your sign up form in your Facebook page in a more interesting manner. At the end of the day, it’s all about content. If they find your social content interesting, entertaining, informative and useful, then they have more reasons to subscribe to your newsletters.

A social medial marketing agency will promote social media platforms while an email marketing expert will push you to launch an email marketing campaign. Synergize and integrate and you have a winning internet marketing combo.


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