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Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Games: Perfect Dose of Excitement

Black Ops 2 weapons are quite interesting just as the game. There are lots of options to chose and buy. You can also enjoy hurling unique or Cold war era weapons.

Black Ops 2 multiplayer is perhaps one of the most popular online games and the popularity of this game from the Call on Duty Series can be gauzed from the simple fact that the sales touched whopping USD 1 Billion within the first two weeks of its much-hyped and eagerly awaited launch. For the first time, you get to re-live the Cold War era missions and the missions are set in the jungles of South Asia, Vietnam etc. You will also get to fight covert operations on eth snow caped mountains in Russia. So, overall the game is a complete package of excitement.

Another attractive feature of this game is the Black Ops 2 weapons that primarily come from those available during the cold war era. So, you get to feel the M16, AK-47, CAR 15 and many more including the grenades and knives. Another exciting thing about the weapons is the ability of players to buy more sophisticated weapons. There are several ways to earn money like playing matches, achieving significant milestones, and successfully completing the contracts. You can use this money to buy more weapons aka NFS where the players could buy cars or accessories with the money they earned by winning races. This makes the game all the more exciting. For example, if you fail or die in one on one battle with the enemy then there will be a strong desire to avenge which can be done only by having sophisticated and accurate weapons.

There is another interesting thing about Black Ops 2 Weapons and that concerns with the customization. So you can actually have logos on the gun, you can also change the color of the gun and the “red dot sights” can also be changed. Well, weapons play a critical role in the successful completion of COD Black Ops mission so you must study the available weapons on different parameters like the reload time, the precision, and the fatal nature. Interestingly, you can also be a fighter pilot for a brief period or till you are shot down (whichever is first). So, you can enjoy the leverage of firing missiles and machine guns by sitting in the cockpit.

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