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Be a Competent Speaker through Proper Presentation Skills Training

In the article “Ten Principles of Communication: Strengthening One of Your Most Important Business Skills” of the American College of Healthcare Executives’ Healthcare Executive MagazineSeptember-October 2007 edition, LD Bjorseth discussed 10 principles of good business communication that are still appropriate and useful today.The author put emphasis on trust, listening, presentation of self, unique personality leads unique communication style, feedback, distractions, choice of words, transfer of verbal information, and more.

To become an effective communicator takes practice, experience and training. There are communication skills coaching consultants who can prepare a tailored communication skills training for you or for your entire staff. Black Isle Communications, with over 15 years’experience of providing skills-based training, specialise in spoken and written communication skills coaching, including business report writing and presentation skills training.

Basic Techniques to Become a Better Presenter

Every day, we are faced with different speaking engagements and presentations – personally, socially and professionally. Whether you’re preparing for a formal lecture, an educational workshop, an invitational talk, a wedding speech, a eulogy, or an inspirational message, there are essential techniques that you can follow to boost your confidence and credibility.

Here are some basic factors to help you become a better communicator or presenter:

• Good knowledge, preparation and practise
o Believein and be convinced with what you say, because your audience will see your doubt.
o Know your audience’s average attention span and break your content accordingly.
o Be careful of your body language, vocal tone and pitch.

• Enjoyable content and delivery (not necessarily jokes or punch lines)
o Be entertaining in conveying information so your audience will feel relaxed and can absorb your message.
o Use an amusing story, an interesting quote, an intriguing picture, or audience participation to break the content or for diversion.

• Comfortable environment and light mood
o Be comfortable with your presentation so your audience will be comfortable as well.

• Smile, pause and breathe
o Be natural when you speak.

• Utilisation of a variety of media
o Keep your audience attentive, interested and engaged by using several media that can stimulate their different senses.

• Positive and firm closing

Even if you aren’t a professional speaker, you can still be an effective presenter through your confidence and ability to deliver the message.That’s how communication skills consultants can assist, and help shape you into a compelling speaker.

Developing Good Communication Skills at Work

In the workplace, it’s important to developgood communication skills, not simply to do your job and advance your career but also to foster strong working relationships.Every day, you can practise simple approaches that will improve your communication skills. Here are some simple steps to help you start:

o Commit to listening to what the other person has to say.
o Listen actively by confirming occasionally that you understand what is being said.
o Speak clearly and at the right volume.
o Make appropriate eye contact to gauge the other person’s reaction, and to convey sincerity and confidence.
Make your point clearly and concisely.
You’ll be more confident in your communication skills when you make small improvements every day, and seek trainingfrom communication skills experts.


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