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Securing Buildings With the Right Equipment

In and around almost every kind of structure nowadays – houses, skyscrapers, apartments, monuments and warehouses – is always something valuable, be it in the form of money, goods, belongings, artefacts or information. And where there are valuables, there are bound to be thieves looking to claim those valuables as their own.

It can be terribly unnerving trying to secure buildings from unwanted intruders, which is why many employ the help of security guards. But their services can be costly, and even if these guards are fully trained and qualified, they can still have lapses in judgment or attentiveness. Security cameras can help as well, but if they are manned by people who may not be very competent or attentive, they could easily miss a break-in. You may have footage of an incident, but you no longer have the power to stop the break-in or robbery, thereby making the cameras quite inefficient.

If you need a security system that you can truly rely on, it is best to get one that really keeps intruders out, and stays alert 24/7.

Keeping Intruders Out

High walls and security guards can often be enough to keep intruders out, but some intruders can still sneak in through the front door when you least expect them. To prevent such instances, here are some suggested pieces of equipment you could install to make sure intruders are kept out, even when you’re not looking:

* Automated Door and Gate Controls – These will ensure that your gates and doors are sealed (secured) when you want them, and will only open and close at your command. Some of these controls have useful built-in features like radio control, warning lights, loop detectors and safety beams. Rotech, a company that specialises in door and gate automation offers an excellent GSM Switch, a mobile phone switching device that lets you look after your home or building from wherever you are. It can control your automatic gate and will alert you via SMS if anything disturbs your door and gate controls.

* Sliding and Swing Gate Operators – Many of these operators come with radio controls, safety devices and back up battery, and can close gates at high speed to ensure nothing else comes through the gate after you.

* Turnstiles, Flap Barriers and Boom Gates – turnstiles, barriers and boom gates ensure that only the right people with the right identification can enter, and can help you monitor the movement of personnel around a building. For heightened security, there are also full height turnstiles that can efficiently keep intruders out, even with high volumes of people coming in.

Staying Alert

Keeping intruders out is only half the battle when it comes to securing any building. You have to be sure that if intruders ever do find a way in, they won’t be able to come out unless it’s with the authorities. To make sure you catch them before they can get away, here are some gadgets you could use in your building:

* Floodlights – Normally used for signage and decorative lighting purposes, floodlights can also be used to ensure security. Dark areas and corners of a building are great entry points or hiding places for intruders, so installing floodlights will ensure that they have no place to hide, even if they somehow find a way inside your building.

* Alarms – Alarms such as Rotech’s Alert Point can easily and clearly warn you of the presence of intruders within your building, and can connect with other devices such as strobes or sounders.

* These Alert Point alarms are used to alert security that someone is under attack, i.e. a type of panic button.

When it comes to security, one can never be too vigilant. Getting the right equipment to safeguard you from intruders could mean the difference between living in total peace and security, and losing all your valuables to thieves.

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