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Probing Long Term Care Insurance Quotes

Investing in a long term care insurance policy will guarantee asset protection apart from high quality long term care services which you will likely need someday. However, you may receive the opposite if you do not take time to study long term care quotes.

Although you are not obligated to request long term care insurance (LTCI) quotes, you need to consider it as a vital step to take before purchasing your policy. By probing into LTCI quotes from different insurance companies you are giving yourself the opportunity to study your options. It is by doing this that you can avoid buying the wrong coverage.

Research has shown that about 3% of LTCI claims were denied in the past due to various reasons. Sometimes, an insured person thinks he or she has met the benefit triggers stipulated in her policy but in reality she has not. There are also instances when the insured has failed to satisfy the waiting period of his coverage, thus resulting in his ineligibility to claim his benefits.

Not everybody who has an LTCI policy was able to claim his insurance benefits after years of premium payment so this led to the filing of formal complaints in state insurance agencies. However, the fact of the matter is that it is not always the insurance firm who takes the blame at the end of each trial. Oftentimes, it is negligence on the part of the policyholders that led to their own frustrations.

To avoid the same fate, do not aspire for a shortcut to your LTCI policy. There is no point having a contract in your hand if you’re going to wind up receiving the wrong coverage. Experts in the field would always remind buyers to identify their future health care requirements first and to study the cost of care in their area because these are the main factors that will determine the type of coverage that they will need.

Requesting Long Term Care Quotes

After having recognized his LTC needs, the next thing that an individual who is aspiring for LTCI coverage should do is to request LTCI quotes. As much as possible, he should consider five to 10 quotes from different insurance firms marketing LTCI policies to make his selection much easier.

It’s easier to choose the right coverage when all of your options have been laid before you. Just be sure that you look past the premium rate of a potential coverage because most people have the tendency to be very particular about their annual premium that they take the more important components of their policy for granted.

For example, some people will reduce their maximum daily benefit amount to $100 or their benefit period to two years just so they can cut back on the premium of their coverage. When they begin to require LTC services, they wind up with higher out-of-pocket expenses because the average daily cost of care in their area happens to be 50% or 75% higher than their maximum daily benefit amount.

By requesting long term care quotes you can avoid such unpleasant situation and the possibility of outliving your resources. For more queries, contact a licensed LTCI specialist in your state of residence.


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