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Mobility, an Important Competitive Advantage for Organizations

Mobility for enterprises is now more than ever not just a trending topic, but an upgrade that has the ability to provide an important competitive advantage. Today’s enterprises look at mobility as a strategic advantage for their business and are looking at applications and tools for their mobile workforce to enhance their productivity, control costs, and overall, improve business operations. Certainly, when thinking mobility wireless technology becomes impossible to ignore.
Wireless devices are essential for business. They support emerging virtual business models where a laptop and Blackberry can represent the entire business infrastructure. But along with the benefits of mobility and handheld technology, so come costs, problems, and risks. Companies of all sizes faced the following issues:
• Rising costs of managing personal and corporate liability plans
• Need to separate personal and business calls
• The ability to make business calls safely
• Costs of providing communications services to the mobile
• Productivity of mobile people
• Accurate directories and numbers for mobile people
• Company information on handheld devices
• Loss of control over customer relationships
• Future risks of repetitive stress injuries

Mobiso delivers two key values: making connections between mobile people and teams efficient and accurate while providing management with the visibility over those connections to effectively manage their wireless programs. The unique entity that unifies those two needs is the address book and Mobiso is a SaaS-based address book that delivers both results through this simple tool. In the cloud, Mobiso integrates the key sources of people information (corporate, personal, CRM, and social) and delivers the consolidated address book to the mobile person. When the mobile worker uses the addressbook, it collects usage information and transparently delivers the data back to Mobiso for compilation and reporting to IT management. The second value enhances the mobile experience beyond the accounting of expenses.

Mobiso is an advanced, cloud-based address book, unifying the various sources of contact information so that mobile teams are relieved of managing, updating, and navigating increasingly large and volatile contact lists. So the benefit to the mobile worker is twofold, relief in monthly accounting and freedom of choice in wireless plans while also gaining the productivity gains of an advanced, cloud-based address book that speeds connections to people and groups on the move.

We invite you to check out our newest listed above White Paper: How Mobiso Is Part of a Smarter Wireless Management Strategy to read more insightful information about successful strategic approaches to enterprise mobility and how Mobiso can become your next competitive advantage. You’ll find out exactly what features can deliver you those key values capable to provide you with a better wireless management program.


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