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How To Survive Google’S Penguin Pressure

After the Google’s penguin update, what many companies lost is their comfort zone. Such companies could be clustered into two uniquely interesting varieties. One that has been implementing wrong measures to directly and indirectly violate Google’s webmaster guidelines for a long time and the other that have started to implement the wrong measures being influenced by the first sort of company. Whatever be the case, content farms, ethically wrongly motivated seo companies and willfully spammers have been the hardest hit. What they have learnt now is that the game to rank well in search engine result page is no more easy. It has to be strategic, well-driven, methodical and most importantly, honest. If you are facing the wrath of poor performance due to penguin update, here are three essential things to remember to recover. To help you solve the job, there are many SEO companies London which you should hire after research.

Wear white hat

Implementing white hat SEO techniques has always been crucial. With the new Penguin update, the point has been proved again. A SEO company in London that implements wrong ways to rank a site including door way pages, keyword stuffing, spamming, duplicate content framing, wrong link building etc., is sure to do nothing good. Google is strict about black hat seo and any company motivating that is sure to get banned. So, always make sure you are using proper method to rank a website.

Make good content:

That has always been crucial, important and significant. As we all know, content is king and a bad king spoils everything, Make sure the content you host in your website is up to the date, not spammed or copyright violated. Information should be relevant to the subject, and there should not be keyword stuffing. Try to ensure Google that you are master in your niche and chances are you can get very good ranking.

Make yourself social:

Another important thing is that you should socialize your site. Be whatever your business is, whether you are website development services London, SEO Services UK, Website Development UK or web Design London, make sure to create your presence in social networking sites. Facebook, twitter and etc. help you get traffic as well as convince search engines about your authenticity. Companies that publish their thoughts across social medias have greater chance to rank well and gain traffic.

There are many other ways to counter the problem penguin could bring. The main point is you should be on the Web to inform audience and the business you do should be authentic and reliable. Google wants to help searchers with websites that are trusted, not just sites that are cluttered with spam.

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