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Men - 4 Steps to Successfully Create Your Own Personal Style

For many, many men the world of fashion and dressing to feel good, is a black hole of unknown proportions. Half heard style tips, overwhelming sequences of fashion photos and Hollywood images, coupled with the lack of knowledge, leads most of us to play it safe and stick with what we think we know. Unfortunately, 'what we know' is quite often left over from when our mothers used to dress us. Like all skills we need to learn the basics first and then practice them until they become second nature whereupon we go to module two and learn the next level of skills and repeat the process until suitably proficient. So what are the basics contained in module 101?

The vagaries of fashions come and go. Any source of information that attempts to tell us men what to wear, at any given time, must be considered to be short term information at best and at worst little or no use at all. The reason for this is that within a market place that contains so many styles, colours, patterns, cuts and potential combinations any suggestions for what to wear MUST take into account one thing extra - you!

Age - dressing to your life experience
For men to dress well and feel comfortable they have to own up to the stage of life that they feel that they are at. We have all seen older men going through some sort of personal exploration with their clothing and ending up dressing two decades too young (or old) and receiving a resounding 'fail' from those that surround them. So in the 'baby steps' stage of creating your personal style - identify your real age. Maybe you are a young 40 something or an older than your years 20 something. Whatever it is, decide this first.

Physical Characteristics - dressing the body you are in
Dressing to enhance your physical features and perhaps play down those features you are not so proud of, will make this journey worthwhile. While clothes do not maketh the man - clothes can help bring out the best of the man and this will feed back to your self image and therefore how good you feel about yourself. Tall and slim? Shorter and a little wider? Be honest with yourself, this stage has to be an honest foundation from which to work from.

Your environment - dressing for the place where you are
The place within which these new clothes will be worn is just as important as what you wear. The clothes that you wear for the office may not be as useful for you at the mall or the pub. If you live in a temperate environment that has widely ranging winters and summers then you are going to need to address your requirements in each of the seasons too.

How you are seen by others - dressing to receive
The final piece in the puzzle is adding a final edge to the ensemble by tweaking it to include the way that you are received and perceived by those around you. The way that we experience people plays a large part in how we treat them so by dressing to achieve an effect then it is possible to be seen more grown up, less formal, more fun, taller, shorter, slimmer, more intellectual, less intellectual etc the list is almost endless.

By identifying where you are, within each of these stages, you are going a long way towards achieving a look that will make you feel more comfortable, less self conscious and be perceived as more stylish. Which purchasing choices you then make are entirely up to you but at least you have an over view of what you want to get out of your makeover and can purchase accordingly.

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