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Rajasthan Temples –A Reason of Cultural Tourism

India is such country which believes in spirituality, worship, culture and traditions. Due to which you can find many pilgrimages centers every city of the country. A number of people across the globe visit India to bow their head in front of their favorite God to seek blessings and well wishes for their future. India has more than thousands of pilgrimage centers but if you are search in north side then it is not wrong to say that Rajasthan would be best for you.

Actually Rajasthan is especially famous for stunning Palaces, magnificent forts, sand dunes and many more. Apart from these Rajasthan have also some major pilgrimage centers which are considered as great respect. Visiting these places without booking a Rajasthan pilgrimage Tours will lead you some problems so book first then move. In their various cities like Ajmer, Udaipur, Jaipur and many other have some most respected places.

Amongst their various pilgrimage cities, Ajmer rules the top where people come in huge amount to offer prayers for him, their family and relatives. Saraswati Temple, Rangji Temple, Savitri temple are some of pilgrimage centers of Ajmer.

Rang Temple: - In 1823 the temple was built by a rich person Seth Puran Mal Generiwal of Hyderabad. The temple’s architecture is a mixture of contemporary and mughal architecture. The temple is divided into old and new temple.

Saraswati Temple: - The temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati who is a wife of Lord Brahma. The goddess Saraswati is considered as Goddess of knowledge for example arts, music, beauty, eloquence, artists, writers, etc and is connected with purification and fertility.

Savitri Temple: - It is considered as the temple is belongs to Lord Brahma’s first wife. The temple is situated on the hills and located beside the Brahma temple. People have to climb a number of steps to get there. After reaching the top of the hills you will be mesmerized by the panoramic view of the lake and the picturesque surroundings of the lush green village.

Plan to visit these pilgrimage destinations of Rajasthan so that you get good fortune while experiencing the natural scenic view of various charms of Rajasthan. These pilgrimage centers are quite famous amongst domestic pilgrims as well as international tourists. Additionally, this tour will also take you an excursion of various exotic places to explore. There are many things in Rajasthan is listed in world heritage sites.

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