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Use Apostille to Secure your Documents

An Apostille (also called certification in French) is a special type of seal applied by a government authority to prove that a document is a true copy of an original. Apostille are generally found in countries, which signed the 1961 Hague Convention.

The Hague Convention states that the simplified certification of public (including notarized) documents to be used in countries and territories that have joined the convention. An Apostille can be used whenever a copy of an official document from another country is needed. An Apostille must be attached to the U.S. document to authenticate that document for use in Hague Convention countries.

Obtaining an Apostille can be a complex process. In most American states, the process entails obtaining an original, certified copy of the document you seek to confirm with an Apostille from the issuing agency and then forwarding it to a Secretary of State (or equivalent) of the state in question with a request for Apostille. All members of the Hague Convention accept Apostille .

Knowing what an Apostille certifies is the key if you are involved in any international matters. The Apostille will carry much power and weightage, especially in countries that are members of the Hague Convention. One should keep this in mind before doing one’s research or before submitting documents internationally to make sure that whether or not you will need the Apostille to continue. In certain legal and financial cases, you likely may need this certification to carry along the process in the other country. Otherwise, you might have to experience major delays. Understanding what this means will help you move on through the process.

Legalization is an important task that requires a lot of expertise regarding linguistic conventions that apply to laws and legal cases. Legalizations consist of translating a document written in one language to another document of any other language whilst maintaining the same meaning. Legalization deal with legal issues and terms. This subject involves translating statutes, contracts, patents and any other type of legal documentation. Legalization terminology is very complicated and can vary from one country to another. Codes and laws have been written to suit a particular country or culture.

When the legal term does not have any similarity in the target language, the translator needs to re-establish the concept attached to the legal expression. Laws and codes look to establish rights and duties for all individuals. The purpose of legalization is to look for linguistic similarities between legal texts that are of different legal systems. The legal translator should be aware of the motives of the original legal text and the interpretation that has been attached to that text. The use of precedent is used in Anglo-American common-law tradition that believes in the doctrine of stand by decided matters.

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