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Your Good Five Excuses For Tanzanite Earrings


In Tanzania, Africa 1967, in the immediate vicinity of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro, travelling gemologists discovered the tanzanite gemstone. This is now to be found in tanzanite jewellery such as tanzanite earrings and much more. These lucky explorers brought it back to New York where it was first taken on, classified, as well as marketed very aggressively, by Tiffany & Co., all around the world jewellery trade.

This advertising fast secured the gems status as one of the most fashionable of jewellery pieces to be seen wearing today, and so it was soon to be seen in the jewellery houses of Europe, and then throughout the rest of the world.

If you do want to add this most fashionable of stones to your jewellery collection, then perhaps the following information can help you decide.

5 Great Reasons:

One: Investing In Tanzanite

The supply of these gemstones are reportedly coming towards an end, and with only a few numbers of years supposed to be left, there is a real possibility that it may indeed totally run out.

Two: Legend Of Tanzanite

Many people believed it to help ailments of the skin, as well as invigorating the powers of mind and body.

Three: Tanzanite Birthstone

Tanzanite earrings hold what is nominated as being the gem that is said to be the birthstone for all of us who are born through the month of December.

Four: Colour Of Tanzanite

Tanzanite earrings, and what better than those of white gold tanzanite earrings, are said to show a phenomena known as "trichroism". This means that depending on which angle you are to view the stone from, this will produce one of three different colours. Either blue, violet or burgundy in this case. It will also show different colour hues depending on what light it is being used, i.e., daylight, fluorescent or candle light.

Five: Anniversary Stone Tanzanite

If you wish to celebrate any anniversary that is so linked with 24 years, then the tanzanite crystal is the number one choice in jewellery terms.

To Conclude

If you take heed in the fact that according to some jewellery gurus, only the most confident and self assured of individuals are supposed to be accomplished enough to wear Tanzanite Jewellery, then you may well be put off by this information. Please do not, because this incredible jewellery is for all to see and wear, and we are all deserved of it, no matter what our personality consists of.

With a little care and attention being given to this relatively softer family of gemstones, regarding that of general wear, storing and cleaning, your Tanzanite Earrings should remain one of your firm favourites for evermore, and if it is totally correct that the supply of this gem is quickly diminishing, then I hope it will also become an investment for the future, and your earrings will be the envy of even more!

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By: John S Stewart

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