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Good 5 Excuses For Purchasing Ruby Eternity Rings

Although the choice of which gem is to be found in your eternity ring is entirely up to you, I don't think you would be going far wrong if you were to be given a Ruby Eternity Ring.

Although eternity rings or bands, are most often given in celebration of a new born child or wedding anniversary, they can be given honestly at any time, and for any cause.

My 5 reasons for Ruby Eternity Rings

1. Birthstone

If you are one of those who was born during the month of July, then ruby is symbolically linked also to your birthday and a terrific choice for you.

2. Anniversary Stone Ruby

All anniversaries linked to 15th, 40th or 80th years, especially that of marriage and birthdays, are linked to this stone.

3. Ruby Colour

Red has always been a veritable colour for gemstones, and the rich crimson red to the expensive and intensely collectible pigeon blood red hues, never fail to impress when seen in ruby eternity rings.

It makes an exceptional choice for those who already have an engagement ring with rubies and their red colour set in them, to have a similar gemstone set eternity rings.

4. Ruby Hardness

On the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness, ruby is second only to that of the diamond, so this ensures a greater amount of trouble free everyday wear when the possibility of knocks or scratches is present..

5. History

Ruby has always been symbolically linked to love and romance, as well as providing luck to lovers and gamblers. It also is thought to provide happiness and prosperity to all who wear them.


The rubies that are to be found in these bands can be of any size, cut, colour and clarity, but not actually all shapes.

Usually the most common shapes that are employed in these ring style are that of round and square end designs, such as emerald, princess and baguette. This is because they are set end to end and (especially the square ended variants) minimise any gaps in between, therefore, giving greater uniformity in design when set.

Although they are occasionally to be found set in platinum and more often these days palladium, they are still most often to be found present in white and yellow gold types of 9 and 18 carat purity.

They can be found set in these Eternity Rings on their own, or more often with diamonds set alternatively, usually in one row, but sometimes in two or more. They are also usually found in half eternity styles, whereby they are set around half the band, but sometimes in full eternity styles where they are present all around the band. Wishbone styles are also popular these days.

Rubies, just the same as all other gems, do tend to attract dirt and grime when worn daily, but with a little care and regular cleaning your Ruby Eternity Rings can be kept looking as good as they did when first purchased. Just use a little soap in mild warm water, and a soft toothbrush to remove them, and you will instantly see the difference!

In my eyes, all jewellery is of no use sat in a box away from all to see. So, please make sure you keep your ruby eternity ring on as much as possible, and that all people know you are wearing the King of Gems!

If you want the nicest Ruby Eternity Rings and other Eternity Rings, then John S Stewart has over thirty yrs experience in the jewellery trade, and he suggests visiting Globe Jewellery now!

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