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Wonderful Five Justifications For Topaz Jewellery


The crystal that was associated with the Roman Sun God Jupiter is the topaz. Topaz jewellery that can be found today in such designs as topaz rings, topaz earrings and topaz pendants, held what was once also known as "The Gem of the Sun" by the Egyptians.

Anybody who thinks about buying some sort of topaz jewellery, will have what may be suggested as a tremendously daunting task in front of them, unless they already know exactly what they are after. Even so, the myriad of different colours, shapes and sizes, will be sure to give you lots to think about in your quest.

Just use a little common sense before buying, and your piece of topaz jewellery will be one that can be much admired.

Some fascinating and tempting facts regarding topaz jewellery are as follows:

My Five Reasons

1. Topaz Colour

There are in fact not many colours that topaz is not to be found in. But they are most often found in blue shades that can be frequently known as "Swiss" blue, "London" blue and "Sky" blue, and are usually produced by a method that is accepted as normal in the trade using a radiation process, on clear, pale or even grey stones. There are also colourless, yellow and pink topaz examples, and also the "rainbow" effect that is produced by artificially coating stones to give what is known as the "mystic" topaz variation.

Topaz colours look terrific no matter what the setting or style they are to be found in, but in my view, they can look no better than when located in such as white gold topaz rings, white gold topaz pendants and white gold topaz earrings.

2. History Of Topaz

The Ancient Greeks strongly believed that the gemstone that was called topaz, was indeed able to give the wearer increased power and make them invisible during battle, as well as also being a very romantic stone. If you were in danger of poisoning or food contamination, then it was also thought their topaz jewellery would change colour if it was being worn.

Their attitudes to medicine suggested that it would help those with poor eyesight, and also those who had trouble sleeping, as well as treating asthma and bleeding.

3. Birthstone Topaz

If you are born in the month of November, then topaz is your birthstone and the one you should be willing to celebrate with.

4. Anniversary Stone

Blue topaz is the gem that is to be used to celebrate any anniversary linked to those of four years, and yellow topaz is said to be the one used for those 23rd year occasions.

5. Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac Sign for Sagittarius is said to be symbolically linked to that of the topaz.

My Conclusion

This Topaz Jewellery that has been present since ancient times, has always provided a peaceful and stunning item of jewellery for all to wear. It has been long considered as a talisman to help protect the owner from all evil during their life.

If you are indeed in the mood to purchase any Topaz Rings, topaz pendants or topaz earrings for example, or already own some of those stunning items, then legend unmistakably suggests that you will be offered a considerably fulfilled, loving, and romantic future. So, love your topaz jewellery and it will be sure to bring everlasting love to you!

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