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Five Excuses To Want Opal Jewellery


Opal Jewellery, such as those examples of Opal Rings, Opal Earrings and Opal Pendants, were prized far more by the Romans than that of diamonds. The Arabs believed them to have dropped straight from the stars, and Shakespeare christened them as being the "Queen of all Gemstones".

From the Ancient Greek word "opallios" meaning "to change colour", did the world opal originate from. It was thought that the very beginning of mankind started when a rainbow carrying the first human species touched down, and the Earth surrounding this point all changed to fantastic opal. This was according to Ancient aborigines. It is still the National gem for Australia to this day.

A few facts that may prompt you into buying opal jewellery are:

The Five Great Reasons

1. Opal Colour

Opals can be found with a fundamental background colour of white, milky white, clear, red, blue and green, as well as black, that will also then hopefully show an intense "rainbow" property from inside. Or, they will be found that show only one movement of colour, in yellow, reds, also orange.

2. Legend

The opal has been linked to giving the wearer the powers of success and happiness, as well as long lasting beauty through life.

3. Birthstone Opal

If you were born in the month of October, then opal is your appointed birthstone.

4. Anniversary Stone

Opal is designated as the anniversary stone used to observe all those occasions linked to that of 14 years.

5. Opal Zodiac Sign

According to astrology, the plant Venus is associated to the opal because it is also linked to Libra.

My Conclusion.

Many different colours of opals are available to purchase, but there are also choices from the types that are found. These are solid, inlay, doublet, triplet, mosaic and synthetic. Usually the prices are higher for the former than those from the latter, and are inherently down to the number of "rainbow" affects that are available from within the different opal types.

Remember they are made up of approximately 10% water, and will require a little care and attention, if they are to be kept in the best condition. Keep them away from extremes of heat and remove them when washing and swimming etc. Try to keep your Opal Rings and other opal jewellery, dry, away from potential knocks, and clean them carefully, and only when necessary.

Ladies from all across Scandinavia, still truly believe that if they wear beads of Opal Jewellery in their hair, it will stop them from "greying" too early. Also, it is renowned as "The Queen of Gems", so what better reasons can there be for a Lady to own an item from its incredible diversity?

Best of luck in your search...

John S Stewart has over thirty yrs experience throughout the jewellery trade, and suggests visiting Globe Jewellery today, for a beautiful range of Opal Rings and other amazing Opal Jewellery!

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