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The Brilliant 5 Reasons For Emerald Rings


Long ago in the times belonging to the Ancient Egyptians, one of their most famous of Pharaoh Queens was called Cleopatra. Famously she quoted the emerald and the emerald jewellery associated with it, including that of her emerald rings, as being one of her very favourites.

Although emerald is still popular today, it is still known as being more of an acquired taste in many collectors' eyes, probably down to the fact the colour is not as inviting to many as say that of ruby or sapphire.

If you are in the mood for buying such items as emerald rings, then you are certainly destined to experience a large array from which to choose.

Five Great Reasons

1. Emerald Tradition

This crystal is still one of the most valuable of gemstone around today, and all through history as being the preferred decoration for many rich, distinguished and Royal folk.

2. Emerald Colour

In Ancient Rome, their Goddess of Love promoted the facts that this gem could give everlasting youthfulness and romantic thoughts. Venus was also said to be the colour of grass green, the same as the very best of emerald hues.

3. History Of Emerald

Many ancient civilizations believed this gemstone to send out wisdom, patience and strength to those who wear it. But watch out, because it was also assumed to change colour if worn by those who are adulterous! It also offered increased ability to fight off certain disease, and hopefully grant eternal life, otherwise known as "the eternal spring" to those who adorned it.

4. Emerald Birthstone

In astrology, it is recognised as the stone crystal for the Zodiac Star Sign of Cancer. It is also related as the birthstone gem for those who are actually born throughout the month of May.

5. Emerald Anniversary Stone

If you have any celebrations for either 20 or 25 years, for example, birthdays or wedding anniversaries, then the emerald should be top of your list.

To Conclude

The emeralds that are naturally found in rings, such as emerald engagement rings, or emerald eternity rings, will be seen in all shapes, sizes, clarity and in most of the green hues, with colour being the most important in bearing on the price, followed by that of clarity. Clarity, unless so impeded by excessive natural inclusions, should not be held up so important as a reason not to buy these stones. In fact in many collectors' eyes, they are just another feature that provides even greater individuality.

Beware though if these inclusions are near the surface, or other surface cracks or fissures are present, then it is best not to purchase these examples due to the high probability that these imperfections may slowly open wider and the gem may even crack over time.

If you are going to be experiencing more arduous work or pastimes, then by taking off your emerald jewellery, specifically your Emerald Rings, you will be ensuring that they are not going to be exposed to any unnecessary damage by knocks or scratches. They are softer in nature than many other gems, so, likewise when you indeed do need to clean them, please only use mild washing up liquid and warm water. Never be tempted to use the ultrasonic jewellery cleaning equipment that is available.

Emerald Jewellery, and specifically emerald rings, although not the first choice of many, will undoubtedly offer some things that all women would love to posses through their lifetime, that is namely those of long life, love and beauty. What better reasons for all the ladies out there to purchase emerald rings can be found..?

With over thirty years experience throughout the jewellery trade, John S Stewart suggests visiting Globe Jewellery today, for a wonderful range of Emerald Rings and other amazing Emerald Jewellery!

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