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Sumba Tour Packages

Sumba tour packages are a wonderful and easily attained way of seeing the beauty of Sumba. You can take advantage of all kinds of discounts when you buy Indonesia tour Package, from the room and board, dining, activities, and other travel excursions all at the same time. Many people do this year round, but especially in the high seasons. The opulence of Sumba is magnificent. It is easy to see why this Island has been an inspiration for exotic traditional houses, art, Ikats, Pasola horsemen, Sumba weaving, Sumba ceremony. To capture the magical beauty of Sumba, you can take advantage of Sumba Tour packages with which you can experience the tremendous beauty of Sumba.

If you want to see traditional culture which has been unaffected by western influences then Sumba Tour Package is the best Option for You.
Sumba Island with its megalithic stone tombs, its traditional high roofed houses, and its outstanding Ikats weavings is one of the most culturally interesting regions of East Nusa Tenggara. Here village life, complete with time enduring burial rituals, strict social structures and their unique architectural style has survived through the ages.

Ikats weavings in Sumba play a vital role for the women of Sumba. They are exchanged at important ceremonies to show one's social status and the most exquisite cloth are placed at the gravesite for use in the after-world. The west and east regions of Sumba are different in design and color. The eastern ikats bear motifs of bold, bright designs of people, animals, and animistic totems while those of the west are more abstract. Taking up to two years to produce, a full sized Sumba cloth is highly prized both within the community and as mementos for visitors.

Sumba Tour packages are varied in features. There are beach and Culture tour, Surf in Sumba, Learn the way of life in remote area, explore Sumba Megalithic or self-guided walking tours or tours taken in rental cars. Walking tours give you a close-up view of Sumba, and meandering through its narrow village streets helps you in understanding the local culture and region, and allows you to meet new people.

Our Sumba Tour packages include lodging, food and sightseeing, transportation, Tour Guidance. The packages suit your interests and budget, and make your traveling experience affordable and pleasurable.

Oceania World Travel is your source for expert advice on Sumba package tours, Sumba Culture Tour, and all-inclusive Tour packages. While Suma Tour offers the most well known all-inclusive Packages, there are many other options for Sumba package tours or all-inclusive vacations from other excellent companies. Oceania World Travel also plans and leads our own special tours in Sumba.

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