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Top 5 Muscle Building without Weights Exercises – and Tips

Some people will say that muscle building without weights is not possible. And that is true, if your goal is to have an Arnold like or Ronnie Coleman like body.

But if your goal is to use muscle building without weights to get a more defined look and get a more muscular look, then muscle building without weights is the way to go.

This article will about some tips and techniques that you can use with muscle building without weights and make results come true.

Muscle Building without Weights – Exercises

-Muscle Building without Weights #1 – Bench Dips:
This is a great exercise for your triceps. You need two benches or something of the likes and place your hands on one of the bench, while placing your feet on the other, so that you are facing upwards with your butt hanging. Now slowly lower yourself, while bending your elbows until you feel the squeeze and return.

-Muscle Building without Weights #2 – Chin-Up:
The chin up is a great way to muscle building without weights for your lats. You need a chin-up bar and pull yourself up so that you chin passes the bar itself. Return to the hanging position and repeat.

-Muscle Building without Weights #3 – Shoulder Flyers with Bands:
This exercise without weights is great for your shoulders. Stand straight and with one side of a band placed under your foot. Take hold of the other side while you stand straight and extend your arm sidewards all the way up to your shoulder. Return and repeat.

-Muscle Building without Weights #4 – Cable Cross over with Bands:
Put a band behind a pillar or something similar. Grab both of the sides of the bands and face away from the pillar. Now extend your arms forwards till they reach each other in front of your chest. Return and repeat.

This muscle building without weights exercise is great for your chest, shoulders and triceps.

-Muscle Building without Weights #5 – Push-Ups:
You have seen this muscle building without weights exercise before and probably also done it. With your hands and feet touching the ground, push yourself upwards and then lower yourself without touching the ground.

The push-up can be done in a lot of ways, with small width, large width etc. And it is great for your chest area, your shoulders and triceps.

Muscle Building without Weights – Some Quick Tips

If muscle building without weights is your goal, then you need some equipment that can help make your workout more efficient.

- An Exercise Ball
- A Bench
- Bands
- Pull/Chin-Up Bar
- Yourself

These are some of the things that can help make your bodybuilding workout more efficient.

One Last reminder before you start is to have your nutrition right. Even though you are doing training without weights, you still need the right muscle building foods and you will soon see that muscle building without weights can actually result in a great physique.

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