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How to Meditate using Music

Quietening the mind is what we do in meditation. By meditation, we basically mean going from ordinary, simple, mundane consciousness to a higher level, more peaceful state of mind. Music can help us achieve that state faster and in a more soothing way. At start, beginners might feel like it's impossible to meditate by controlling your thought process. Through regular practice, tips and various techniques, it is possible.
Breath awareness and breathing meditations are one of the best ways to start meditation. it helps the mind to concentrate and relax. At times, when the mind is very restless; perhaps after a busy schedule, that is where Music can play a great role to help us reach that stage of meditation.

Tips to Music Meditation

Music can help you drown out unwanted noises which tend to disturb when you sit down for meditation. It's not necessary to hike out over high hills to meditate; if you are focused enough, meditation can be done in the midst of a busy day. This hindrance can be easily overcome by meditative music. it cuts out the noise and helps you easily focus on your meditation..

Music plays a great role in controlling our state of mind by soothing our emotions. Choosing the right kind of music is also very important while doing meditation. The right kind of music for your meditation will rise your energy, aspirations and make you more receptive.
As said by Sri Chinmoy, "Each time we hear soulful music, we get inspiration and delight. In the twinkling of an eye, music can elevate our consciousness."

Music, Meditation, and Obligations

In general,
Music touches and soothes people's souls and improves moods. It also brings light into a dark life which is why music holds great importance in religious ceremonies, devotions, and meditations.

Today's modern world has polluted the atmosphere with infinite frequencies and noises; way too much for a person to start meditating unless you are locked in a room away from all the outside noises.

How and Where to Meditate

Once you have gotten the taste of Musical Meditation and its benefits, you can soothe into it anytime, anywhere you want. But of course, just like any other thing in this world, dedication and discipline is required in everything.

The Lifesurfing Program at Inner Metamorphosis University (I M U) offers numerous ways and correct approaches to help you discover the right meditation technique and provide you inner peace of mind. Lifesurfing Program Meditation is a state of a vibrant, wakeful inner quietness, which is the basis for inner freedom, joy and celebration.

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