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Reversing Heart Disease Through Diet

Rising health care costs are a major problem in the United States. We are spending huge amounts of money each year to supposedly get the best health care. It would seem that with all of this money that we are spending we should be healthier than the rest of the world. Of course, this is not the case. As our health care spending continues to go up, we continue to have more chronic illnesses.

When examining chronic illnesses such as heart disease, it is important to determine the underlying causes. We should go for the root of the problem instead of trimming the branches. With most chronic conditions, the main cause is due to our lifestyles. The most important lifestyle factor is diet. When our diet consists of unnatural, animal-based, processed foods, we develop chronic health problems. As long as we continue with such a diet, it doesn’t matter how much money we put into our health care. Our problems will persist until we change what we eat.

The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease. Looking at a global scale, this condition kills about 452 million people each year. The tragedy behind all of this is the fact that heart disease is mostly preventable. When you eat the right foods, you can not only prevent, but also reverse, heart disease.

There is a lot of talk about exercise and its effectiveness in preventing heart disease. Exercise is highly recommended for a healthy lifestyle and does contribute to a healthy heart, but exercise alone is not enough. It is possible to follow the perfect exercise program and still develop a chronic heart condition if your diet has the wrong foods. Proper nutrition is the most essential measure to ensure a truly healthy heart.

While there has been emphasis placed on diet and its role in maintaining a healthy heart, there are many misconceptions about what constitutes optimal nutrition. It’s not just a matter of counting calories and monitoring fat intake. We must go deeper than that and look at the nature and quality of the food in the diet.

There is significant evidence showing that a whole foods, plant-based diet is effective in preventing and reversing heart disease. There are books written with significant scientific evidence showing that a diet that includes animal based foods can lead to this condition. Many patients have seen drastic improvements when taking out all animal based foods from their diet.

Additionally, it is important to take all unnatural substances out of the diet. The vast array of artificial flavors, sweeteners and other chemicals in the standard American diet contributes to a wide variety of chronic health problems. It is essential to remove these substances from the diet as much as possible.

Once you remove all artificial substances, take out processed foods and refrain from eating animal based products, you are left with the most nutritious foods that nature has to offer. Fresh vegetables and fruits have a high density of minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and enzymes. In these foods, nature’s engineering has constructed an amazing array of healthful substances that work together in harmony to provide your body with optimal nutrition. When we start to alter those substances, the problems begin. Keep it natural and you will be much better off.

To sum it up, an optimal diet for preventing and reversing heart disease consists of whole, minimally processed, plant-based foods. When we as a society learn how to change our eating habits for the better, we will see a tremendous increase in health and wellbeing and save billions of dollars each year on health care costs.

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