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Why Many People Fear Public Speaking

Like most Public speaking and confidence coach, I also met a lot of people who are terrified to speak in public and realized that the fear is justifiable.

Generally those people who have this kind of fear believe that there is something wrong within their personality that is causing the fear, which could be a result of different underlying reasons.

In addition, they admit that being on stage to perform scares a hell out of them as they realize that they can no longer hide their flaws in front of a big crowd.

It is because some people are scared and vulnerable when standing on a stage with everyone’s eyes focused on them. When these people are laid in front of a handful or hundreds or even thousands of people, they began to panic and perspire a bucket as they are overwhelmed by the fact that they have to be perfect.

In addition, these people are also afraid of committing mistake in front of a big crowd because they believe it can repulse, shock or disappoint the audience.

These people believe that once the audience started to judge them, their minds decode it as something to be ashamed of where they must flee and hide or get away from.

They began to question their capabilities, thinking that they can never please anybody because there will always be a hole in their personality that nobody can fill, which is what we call self-doubt.

The human body, which is a faithful follower of the mind, only obeys what the mind tells it to do no matter how irrational Adrenalin levels rise, how rapid the heart rate becomes, as well as how shallow your breathing could only to get yourself out of that humiliating situation. Anyone who is suffering from stage fright can experience this so-called fight or flight response.

Despite the normal ambiance where the speaker or performer is and the support they are getting from their family and friends, their mind and body still command them to immediately leave the place to avoid a serious danger or further embarrassment.

This could be the reason why stage fright must be avoided or overcome. Public speaking could be nerve-cracking indeed, but it must never ever strain you and isolate you from people because it could be fun too.

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