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5 Tips to Improve Your Wreck Fishing Success

Wreck fishing can be an extremely fun and fruitful adventure. Here are some ideas to make sure you catch more than your fair share of the fish.

Get an Early Start
Work the Water Column
Know the Migration Patterns of the Fish
Baits and Jigging Variety
Make Subtle Positioning Adjustments

Get an Early Start

Most fisherman know that in general the times around sunrise and sunset are really good times to fish, the reason being simply the fish are on the feed. When wreck fishing it is even more paramount to get an early start. There is quite a bit of "competition" for the wrecks (especially on weekends) so you want to get to your favorite snag before someone else beats you to it. Among those you may be competing with include, Recreational Fisherman, Charter Boats, Head Boats, Lobster Boats, Commercial Fisherman, and Dive Boats. Believe me, you may think no one else knows about your sweet spot, but they do.

I have also found that in particular, Sea Bass turn off the bite around 10:30 AM. Of course, every day is different but I can tell you for much of the Summer you can set your watch on what time the Seabass bite dies off.

Work the Water Column

Most wreck fishing is done on the bottom. But don't do that exclusively. We have found that some of your best fish come by fishing off the bottom a bit. Sometimes a couple inches does the trick. Sometimes a couple of feet is the best. Either way, experiment especially when you are in a lull. Also, often variety abounds on the wrecks and surprise catches of Tuna, Mahi, Shark, Bonito, etc. is not uncommon.

Know the Fish Migration Patterns

Not all wrecks are created equal and a wreck that produces in the Spring may not be as productive in the Summer. You must understand the migration patterns of the fish you seek. For example, in the Spring Seabass head inshore so by late Spring/early Summer you can catch plenty of Seabass on the wrecks within 5 miles from the beach. On the other hand, as fall turns late the Seabass are high tailing it offshore so the best wrecks with be much further from the beach. It is not uncommon to hit the wrecks over 20 miles from the beach for solid Seabass fishing in the fall (and much further in the winter). Cod, on the other hand migrate in the opposite direction of the Seabass, that is inshore in the Winter and offshore in the Summer.

Bait and Jigging Variety

It seems pretty much common sense, but make sure you do not leave the dock with just a single bait. While Clam is certainly a staple, there are times when other baits produce as well or better. Crabs, Squid, Minnows, should all be part of your offerings.

In the Fall, Sand Eels are often present around the wrecks sites. When this is true, you can also successfully jig for Seabass and other Wreck Fish. Ava's are particularly good to use. We have found that one days we are catching fish on both bait and jigs that the bigger fish tend to come on jigs. And remember, work various depths of the water column. I can remember times in October when we were jigging Seabass and Bonito from the same wreck.

Make Subtle Positioning Adjustments

When the winds are calm and their is little current we usually like to drift fish the wreck area. However, once the drift picks up anchoring is the preferred method. When on the anchor, I know some boats like to double anchor to keep their boats completely stationary, however I do not think this is the best method (unless exclusively fishing for Blackfish). I prefer to single anchor and swing a bit over the wreck area. Once anchored you should be ready to make some small adjustments to your position to re-ignite the bite if it slows. If you have an outboard motor, sometimes it is as simple as turning your motor the opposite direction. This moves your boat just a bit and often starts a hot bite all over again. Other small adjustments you can make are cleating the anchor in a different spot (I have a left and right front cleat that I use), and pulling in or letting out just a couple feet of anchor line.

I hope some of these tips improve your catch.

Tight Lines.

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